Saxx Underwear Kinetic Light-Compression Mesh Long Leg Boxer Briefs - Cargo Grey

£28.99 GBP £31.99


The garment is designed with a Semi-Compression Fit, which provides a snug embrace without being constricting. The BallPark Pouch™, known for its superior performance, offers a more supportive fit compared to our Everyday design. Additionally, the long legs rest just above the knee.

Made For
Up-tempo training, cardio, and recreational activity. This style incorporates comfort, support, and security to enhance your movement.

Built In Tech
Performance based BallPark Pouch™, Three-D Fit™, Flat Out Seams™.

Made From
Moisture-wicking nylon fabric (85%) and elastane (15%).

8" inseam.


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.



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