HJ Hall Argyle Softop Non Elastic - HJ96 Men's Wool Softop Socks

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By HJ Hall


Argyle -Wool Softop Men's Socks - HJ96

 These Softop® socks feature a timeless Argyle pattern, providing warmth and comfort all day. The fine wool material allows for breathability, keeping feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

 The HJ Hall Argyle Softop Socks provide all-day comfort with its unique relaxation panels and non-elastic design. Made with wool, these socks offer softness and breathability, without leaving marks or constricting circulation. A must-have for anyone seeking ultimate comfort and style.

    • Argyle -Wool Softop Men's Socks

    • Wool Rich - keeps feet warm in cold weather, and lets them breath in warmer conditions

    • Non-Elastic Top - doesn't mark, doesn't constrict

    • Flat seam linked toe for your comfort