Pringle 3 Pair Bamboo Secret Men's Socks ( 7-11 )

£8.49 GBP £14.99
By Pringle

  • 78% Viscose from Bamboo 20% Polyamide 2% Elastane
  • 3 Pair Pack
  • Smooth toe seams
  • Low ankle tops
  • Super soft; Breathable and moisture wicking; Reinforced heel and toe; Machine washable at 40°
  • Thickness: Regular

Experience ultimate comfort and skin protection with Pringle's 3 Pair Bamboo Secret Men's Socks (7-11). Perfect for the moisture-prone environment of men's trainers and sports shoes, these socks use bamboo technology to provide the ideal balance of foot comfort and skin care. With both plain and patterned options, these triple packs act as a barrier between your skin and the lining of your trainers, preventing irritation and protecting your shoes from sweat damage.

These men’s bamboo trainer socks feature low ankle length and natural bacteria resistance. They are also three times more moisture absorbent than cotton socks, thanks to bamboo’s wicking performance. With smooth toe seams to prevent rubbing and reinforced toes and heels, these socks stay dry, fresh, and fungus-free for the long run.